65+ Nicknames for Matthew (Unique and Fun)

Are you looking for any good nicknames for Matthew? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of cute, funny, and cool Matthew nicknames.

The use of nicknames can instantly improve the perceived personality of a person. They can be used to express love or as a word of endearment. Nicknames are given to people based on unique characteristics like hair color, height, personality, or work.

Initially, the name Matthew was derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which translates as “gift of God” Many people believe the name Matthew means “gift,” but some believe it means “gift of God” or even “gift from God.”

No matter how it’s spelled, Matthew is a name with deep biblical history, as one of Jesus’ apostles and a Christian Bible author.

Cute Matthew Nicknames

Having a nice nickname is a great way to instantly improve our mood. A nickname like Matthew’s would make him even more endearing if the Matthew you know is already lovely to be with!

Here are some of our favorite Matthew nicknames:

  1. Mays – A lovely nickname for a little Matthew.
  2. Matt – A classic.
  3. Mac – A Matthew who adores Mac n Cheese!
  4. Mack – A spelling variation of the nickname “Mac.”
  5. Maz – Cute and sophisticated.
  6. Math – An amusing and ironic nickname for a Math hater!
  7. Mookie – A cute nickname for Matthew.
  8. Mattie Poo – This moniker is adorable on babies.
  9. Eww – Another charming pet name for pooping babies!
  10. Mattel — After the international toy manufacturer.
  11. Matty Boy – A cool nickname for Matthew.
  12. Matters– For a Matthew, you value. That’s it!
  13. Munchkin – For your beloved.
  14. Mad Hatter – Inspired by the slang phrase “Mad as a Hatter,” which means crazy!
  15. Monkey Buns – A cute nickname for your sweetie.
  16. MATTA – It’s a strange name, yet it sounds great!
  17. Mate-y — In case the Matthew you know is Australian.
  18. Matty Ice — Reminds you of Natty Ice?
  19. Easy peasy – For a snuggler.
  20. Matterhorn – For a loud Matthew.
  21. Mattie — A hot nickname for Matthew.
  22. Matticus Finch – Atticus Finch’s nickname.
  23. Mount Picchu – Choose this moniker for a Matthew who enjoys hiking!
  24. Sand – Who doesn’t like marbles?
  25. Manny — A cute pet name for a guy.
  26. Matty A-B-C or any other alphabet. Just pick his surname’s initial and you’re done!
  27. Matthew Wonderby – For a Matthew who surprises everyone!
  28. Big Boy Matty – A cute nickname for a Matthew.
  29. Sweetie – This is a nice Matthew nickname.
  30. Matty Cakes – like a cute cupcake.
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Funny Nicknames for Matthew

Even the person for whom you employ a funny nickname finds them delightfully entertaining! If you’re looking for Matthew nicknames that will make people laugh out loud, here are some suggestions:

  1. Mooky – For a Matthew who is clumsy.
  2. Matewww – A slang term meaning a stinker.
  3. Momoberry – For a refined, fashionable Matthew.
  4. MOP – An derogatory acronym for “Mortally Obese Person.”
  5. Mattato – A Matthew who resembles a potato.
  6. Manimal – A playful name for a careless Matthew.
  7. Matata — From the carefree phrase Hukana Matata.
  8. Matt the Cat – A versatile boy’s nickname.
  9. Wacky – From Matt to Wacky, then Wacky!
  10. MattCat – For a Matthew who likes cats.
  11. Matchstick – For a Matthew as thin as a matchstick!
  12. Moo – Inspired by the sound of cows.
  13. M&M – A chocoholic’s best friend.
  14. Mental – A witty moniker for a moron
  15. Mattchu – A sneezing-related nickname.
  16. Chu – To shorten the sneezing sound!
  17. Mattress – An funny jab at Matthew, who likes his sleep.
  18. MattAttack – A direct nickname for a cardiac patient named Matthew.
  19. Matty Watty — Another fun nickname.
  20. Mashu – Asian-inspired pronunciations.
  21. Mattricia – Tease Matthew whether he has a Patricia (wife, girlfriend, mother, sister) in his life.
  22. Fat Matt – For fat men. For a crazy Matthew, you know.
  23. Macadamia – A clever nickname for a lunatic.
  24. Macked-Out — A slang term for Matthew.
  25. Mad Dog – Maybe it may be a friend.
  26. Momos – Food nicknames are the best!
  27. Maggot – Nickname for a strange Matthew.
  28. Minion – A lighthearted nickname for Matthew.
  29. Mastablasta – A party animal’s nickname.
  30. McMessy – Matthew is known as McMessy.
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Cool Matthew Nicknames

To be noticed, you’ll need a nickname that stands out in any crowd. Listed below are some cool Nicknames for Matthew that you may pick from. The name Matthew became a top 10 baby name in 1970 and has been consistently near the top 10 of the list until 2019 when it dropped to #23.

  1. Matty Cool – For a cool Matthew who knows it!
  2. Mata – A Gaelic pet name for Matthew that is also a footballer’s name.
  3. Meowsers – A slang term for “awesome” or “cool.”
  4. Makaio – Hawaiian for Matthew.
  5. Hewmorous – A funny Matthew.
  6. Mattachussettes – A Massachusetts native.
  7. Motya – Russian origin.
  8. Boi Mateus – Another exciting nickname.
  9. Meatloaf – Another great foodie nickname!
  10. Diplomatt – For an adventurous Matthew.
  11. Emmy – pronounced “Eh-me!” like the letters M and E.
  12. Mattematics – A mathmagician’s moniker!
  13. Wehttam – This is a super awesome nickname developed from the original name.
  14. Mattrick – A hattrick rhymes.
  15. Mathuin – An Irish derivative of Matthew meaning “bear.”
  16. Mattasaurus – Thesaurus clone. A slang term for a whiz kid
  17. Matted – For a Matthew with wild hair.
  18. Bath Matt – For a muscular, shirtless Matthew!
  19. Major – Matthew and junior combined.
  20. Mad-Lad — For a mad-lad.
  21. Theu – Named from the last four letters of the name.
  22. Weh – Reverse Matthew’s last three letters, and boom!
  23. Mayhem – Create mayhem wherever Matthew goes with this one.
  24. Materazzi – Popular Former Italian footballer’s surname.
  25. Margarita — A bibulous Matthew’s cocktail moniker.

Celebrities with the name Matthew

The most famous Matthews are the actors Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and Matthew Perry.

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No matter how cute, funny, or unique a nickname sounds, there’s something special about it that links people on an emotional level. People love to feel close a close connection and nicknames can help.

Helping identify the perfect term of endearment enriches your relationship even further.

If you come up with another excellent nickname for Matthew, please don’t forget to share it with us!

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