100+ Nicknames for Eleanor that Make You Smile

There are a lot of options to consider when naming your baby. You want to pick a name that will suit your child but also one that fits your family and last name. If you chose a classic name such as Eleanor you will want to consider all of the nicknames for Eleanor as well.

The name Eleanor is a beautiful choice for your baby girl and nicknames are not uncommon for historical or classic names. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that throughout their life, their friends, siblings, other family members and even significant others will use their nickname as well.

Eleanor Meaning and Origin

The name Eleanor was very unpopular from 1974 until around 1994. It was outside of the Top 500 Baby names. Since that time it has gained in popularity and now in the Top 25 Most Popular Baby Names and getting even more popular.

Eleanor has a Greek origin and means bright and shining light. There are also French ties with this name from the Provence of Alienore.

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Popular Eleanor Nicknames

Eleanor is a beautiful name that is not used often in these past few years. It is regal and elegant and I see a huge surge in popularity coming soon.

My prediction is verified as this name has risen from out of the top 100 to 22nd in popularity. Many cute nicknames and variations will be come popular as well.

I believe classic girls names are coming back in style because in our difficult times we reminisce about the good old days. If you are interested in other classic names we also have nicknames for Elizabeth and nicknames for Caroline. All of these names were very popular in our Grandmothers days and bring warmth and smiles to our faces.

You can put a new spin on this classic name by using a fun nickname. There are so many great ones that can be a little more updated if you are nervous about Eleanor being too mature of a name for your little one.

  1. Nori
  2. Lora
  3. Leora
  4. Leana
  5. Eleanora
  6. Zelle
  7. El
  8. Ellie
  9. Lainey
  10. Elz
  11. Ellia
  12. Nola
  13. Nora
  14. Lea/Leah
  15. Elsa
  16. Nell
  17. ElenaElle
  18. Lynn
  19. Norah
  20. Lena
  21. Eli
  22. Ella
  23. Leonora
  24. Ellen
  25. Ele
  26. Ria
  27. Linia
  28. Belle
  29. Bella
  30. Norabelle

Eleanor’s Creative Nicknames

Essentially, each nickname is a more imaginative version of a given name.

We no longer consider some pet names creative because they have become commonplace.

However, some pet names are rare, unique, or even unrelated to the original name at all.

It is common for these nicknames to represent a special relationship between you and a close friend or family member.

For those of you who are looking for a “secret code” between you and your daughter, these nicknames are precisely what you’re looking for!

  1. Ellini
  2. Elma
  3. Lane
  4. Lana
  5. Leo
  6. Nelly
  7. NellyBelly
  8. Elea
  9. Leor
  10. Noor
  11. Els
  12. Alora
  13. Elspeth
  14. Lenore
  15. Len
  16. Leon
  17. Elsiebelle
  18. Elis
  19. Lenna
  20. Elean

Cute Nicknames for Eleanor

When Eleanor is younger friends and family may want to use a cute nickname instead of the more formal name.

When it comes to cute nicknames for your little girl, keep in mind that as they get older they may not want you to use them in public.

  1. Ellie Bellie
  2. Leni
  3. Nori
  4. Els ​
  5. Elsie
  6. Elie Bug
  7. Elle Belle
  8. Lee Lee
  9. Lanie
  10. Noneen
  11. Lenny
  12. EleaCake
  13. E-nee
  14. Le-anna
  15. Gel
  16. Gella Ella
  17. Mel
  18. Cinder-ELLA
  19. Rella
  20. Tell El
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Famous Celebrities Named Eleanor

There are not many famous Eleanors in Hollywood right now but there are some that use a shortened version. This name can evoke the feelings of glamour and strong feminine energy.

Here are some of the best:

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt – Wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt served as the first lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945. Besides being the first lady for the longest time, Eleanor Roosevelt was known for being extremely influential to President Roosevelt and there has even been a movie made about her life.
  2. Elle Macpherson – A well-known Australian actress known for landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated five times. Known as “The Body”
  3. Elle Fanning – A young American actress best known for her roles in “Super 8” and “Maleficent” and other films.

It is so much fun to pick a name for your beautiful little girl. It can be a bonding experience for you and family if you decide to share the process with others.

How to Select a Nickname

I loved the name selection process, I gathered books and my bestie to laugh at funny selections. Then my partner and I made a huge list and then slowly narrowed our choices. If you want you can even open it up to other family members and friends to give their lists favorite names. Maybe even make a contest of it. Of course tell them there is no guarantee their opinions will be the final winner.

Some people easily go thru their partners lists and cross off a bunch then shen you narrow the options to smaller list, I would suggest to then look at possible nicknames for your favorite names.

Nicknames can definitely make or break your favorite name choices. Be sure you love both the formal name and the possible nickname options. And make sure you don’t absolutely hate a name that can easily rhyme. For example, I loved the name Rockley and my husband started saying Rockley Broccoli. And it was immediately crossed off my list.

Be sure to tell everyone if you want your child to be called by a nickname instead of their formal name. Tell people what you would prefer. But often the best nicknames come naturally from your child or loved ones strong personality or something funny that happens as they grow up. Enjoy!

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