45+ Of The Best Nicknames for Andrew

Find the best collection of Andrew nicknames here. As a result of its Greek origins, Andrew is a common English name that typically implies one of the following: male, brave, powerful, valiant, and fighter.

Famous people with the name Andrew include Saint Andrew from the Bible, Andy Warhol, Prince Andrew – Duke of York, Elizabeth II’s second son, Andrew Garfield, Andy Griffith, Andrew McCarthy, and Andy Murray.

Due to its popularity, people love to use nicknames for Andrew to make it more unique. We can help make finding a fitting nickname for Andrew easy.

We have collected a list of the finest Andrew nicknames we’ve ever heard.

This list includes funny nicknames for Andrew, plus cool, cute and, charming Andrew nicknames.

Best Nicknames for Andrew

  1. Drew
  2. Andy
  3. Andrello
  4. Andre
  5. Drey
  6. Dru
  7. Ru Ru
  8. Dewey
  9. Sandy
  10. Andrez
  11. Andra
  12. Anderson
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If you’re looking for a cool nickname for Andrew or just something with a unique and appealing vibe, look no further. Here are some cool alternative names for Andrew.

  1. Andy – Andrew’s most famous nickname is Andy.
  2. Drew – Probably the most common Andrew moniker.
  3. Daddy -Drew – What girl wouldn’t want him as Daddy?
  4. Andre–  fantastic if he’s dreamy or French.
  5. Drey – derived from Drew.
  6. Andrea – A macho being in Greek.
  7. Andro – with a “ro.”
  8. Andrez – Andrew in Old Greek.
  9. Andreios – A rough Andrew.
  10. Andrzej – Andrew in Polish.
  11. Anndra – Scottish Andrew.
  12. Aindri – A masculine Irish man.
  13. Andras – For an Andrew of Greek descent.
  14. Andra – Slovene for Andrew.
  15. Andreu – For a manly, brave man.
  16. Andris – A Greek name for Andrew, a “manly warrior.”
  17. Andreo – Andrew has Spanish roots.
  18. Andrii – A macho and powerful Ukrainian variation.
  19. Anderz – A spin on Anders.
  20. Anderson – A mature and uncomplicated moniker.
  21. Androcles – “Man’s glory.”
  22. Andronicus – means “male victor.”
  23. Drel – Drew minus the “w.”
  24. Da-Drew – The One.
  25. Andrius – A Lithuanian Andrew’s nickname.
  26. Andrewski – Greek variant.

Cute Andrew Nicknames

Is there an Andrew in your life who deserves a cute and endearing nickname? Something that he’d feel ashamed of in front of his friends or his crush? The following are some cute Nicknames for Andrew:

  1. Candy – Andrew is as sweet as candy.
  2. Pandrew – For a Drew that resembles a cuddly Panda.
  3. Dru — A sweeter version of Drew.
  4. Andrew Drew-Bear – tall, dark and handsome 
  5. Roo – Rugged with a sweet nature.
  6. ReW Drew with a “D”
  7. Dreamy – Gorgeous Drew
  8. Drowsy-Drewy — If he always looks exhausted, he deserves this moniker.
  9. Andy-Bunnyboo — For a kind Andrew.
  10. Andy-Dandy — For a stylish man.
  11. Sugary-Dewy — For Andrew, the sweetest.
  12. Roo – spelled differently than Rew.
  13. Drew Woo – Cute for Andrew.
  14. Andee — A girly-boy Andrew.
  15. Drewster – For a unique Drew.
  16. Merry-Rew — For a happy and active being.
  17. Lil-Rew — For a cute little Andrew.
  18. Andrello – An Italian nickname.
  19. Druww – Emphasis on the “w.”
  20. Drew-Boo – Real sweetheart
  21. Mountain Drew – Your own personal Mountain Dew.
  22. Drew-Boi — Andrew’s friend.
  23. Drewby – A cute and playful name for Drew.
  24. ‘Dee’ – Simply said.
  25. Dewey – That’s a lovely Andrew.
  26. Big boy – A nickname for Andrew
  27. Drewd – Drew with D
  28. Andie – A modern English version for Andy Drewberry – An absolute darling.

Funny Nicknames for Andrew

Andrew may have an excellent sense of humor, so here are some entertaining nicknames for him that you might not have heard before.

  1. Mandy – Andrew’s feminine counterpart, is a funny or cruel nickname for a male named Andrew.
  2. Sandy – Like Sandy, but for a scumbag named Andrew.
  3. EWW – Andrew with a sour disposition.
  4. Andi-Candi — He is twice as delicious as candy.
  5. Drewby-Booby — Andrew’s nickname.
  6. Andi-Dip — For an Andy who enjoys astronomy.
  7. Drewmingo — For an Andrew with flamingo-like legs.
  8. Andy-Bandy — For an Andrew who is constantly bandaged and cast.
  9. Jungle-Drew – We think he’d appreciate this.
  10. Ant-Rew — For a cute Andrew.
  11. Handy-Mandy – Andrew is a handyman or just very adept at odd chores; therefore, this surname fits him well.
  12. Sand-Rew — A filthy creature.
  13. Dr-ewwwy — For the vilest Andrew.
  14. Andy-Gandhi — A moniker for an old man in a young body.
  15. An-Drool — He literally requested this nickname.
  16. Doobie-Doobie — If Andrew smokes, he’d be pretty stoned by this moniker.
  17. Andy-iana – Why not?
  18. Droopy Drew – For your weakest or laziest Drew.
  19. Dodger -Drew – For the sneakiest person you know, it is the appropriate nickname.
  20. Scandy – For a restless teen.
  21. Andy-Nutz – For an oddo with odd habits.
  22. Drewpanzee — For a silly Andrew.
  23. Demandy – Andrew is a demanding Andy.
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Clever Andrew Nicknames

A catchy nickname with a fascinating backstory is what you’re looking for. Do you have anything clever or insightful to say? Andrew’s clever nicknames are shown below:

  1. Astro Andy– Lover of astrology and astronomy.
  2. Scooby-Drew — He is the gang’s underdog.
  3. Mr. Mean-Drew is the meanest Drew ever.
  4. Mandrew – For a manly Andrew
  5. Drew-D-Dreamer – Our contemporary Joseph.
  6. Drewbacco – Andrew and Tobacco are 5.
  7. Deja Drew – Perfect if he looks like him.
  8. Andrewed – His parents had meant Andrew, but Andrew he became.
  9. Dread-Drew — The Andrew to avoid.
  10. Anjew – If He’s Jewish, perfect.
  11. And – “Rew” isn’t needed this time.
  12. Hunky-Drewy — Sexy Drew.
  13. Digi-Drew – Andrew is a digital genius or a tech wizard.
  14. Andrioosha – Andrew in Russian.
  15. Angrew – Andrew’s rapid growth.
  16. An-Doo – Andrew with two letters changed.
  17. Kanga-Drew — For an excitable Drew.
  18. Peek-a-boo – In honor of a child that adores Peek-a-boo.
  19. Androminator – Terminator if Andrew was Andrew.
  20. Andyhood – For an introverted Andrew who prefers being alone.
  21. Hamdrew – Andrew’s ham lover’s name is Hamdrew.
  22. Drew-me-in — A name for a loving boy who adores being touchy.

Dear Andrews and Andrews fans, have we missed any well-known Nicknames for Andrew? Alternatively, do you have any suggestions for better nicknames for Andrew? Please feel free to leave any and all nicknames for Andrew you may have in the comments area below.

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