Everything You Need To Know About Heather Joy Arrington

All the interesting facts about Heather Joy Arrington, mother of Elle and Dakota Fanning. She’s a remarkable person and mom with an intriguing story. She has lived an exciting life that will leave us both surprised and inspired!

Who is Heather Joy Arrington mom of Elle and Dakota Fanning?

Heather Joy Arrington was born on July 1, 1967. She was once a top-level
college tennis player with a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. But that’s not all. This
powerhouse of a woman is also the mother to Hollywood stars Elle and Dakota Fanning.

Her eldest daughter, Dakota Fanning’s acting career started when she starred in the NBC drama ER. While her
younger daughter Elle Fanning rose to fame when she was just six years old after appearing in films like
I Am Sam.

Heather Joy Arrington (mom of Dakota and Elle Fanning)

Both sisters have become some of Hollywood’s biggest stars today, with credits
ranging from blockbuster films like The Twilight Saga to award-winning television shows like
American Horror Story.

And yet despite their success, both Elle and Dakota remain fiercely devoted to their mother—a
testament to Heather’s unwavering guidance over the years as both parent and mentor. Clearly,
this lady knows how to win big!

Not every day do you come across someone who has achieved so much success in so many
different areas. From college athlete to actress momager extraordinaire, this lady is truly an
inspiration for all that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Why Should We Know Her?

Heather Joy Arrington is the mother of two of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, Elle and
Dakota Fanning. She is a woman who has dedicated her life to supporting her children and
helping them make their dreams come true.

Heather Joy Arrington Family (mom of Elle and Dakota Fanning)

Heather took on every aspect of their careers, from finding auditions, attending business
meetings, and even driving them to set. During this time, Heather also provided emotional
support for both girls to help them stay grounded during the highs and lows of their careers.

Heather’s hard work paid off when Elle starred in 20th Century Women, which earned her fame
across the globe. Dakota has also had a successful career; she starred in Twilight Saga,
making her a household name and role model for millions worldwide. To date, both girls have
worked in projects such as Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and The American Horror Story –
demonstrating how far they have come since their early days in show business.

Heather Joy Arrington Education

Heather Joy Arrington is a living example of the power of what dedication and hard work can do.
She has been dedicated to her studies since she was an elementary school student, and her
commitment has paid off in the form of a scholarship to attend college at the University of

Heather learned tennis and the importance of discipline, concentration, and
consistency—all valuable skills that would help her excel academically.

Heather was eager to learn and worked hard on and off the court. Her dedication produced
results; she won several regional championships in junior tennis tournaments throughout high
school. Her accomplishments caught the attention of college recruiters, one of whom offered her
a scholarship to play for the University of Miami’s women’s tennis team.

Heather Joy Arrington and daughter (mom of Elle and Dakota Fanning)

Heather Joy Arrington Parents And Children

Heather Joy Arrington is the mother of two Hollywood stars, Elle and Dakota Fanning, while her
parents are Rick Arrington and Mary Jane Odum.
Elle and Dakota Fanning are both actresses who have been in the entertainment industry for
many years. Elle and Dakota credit their parents with much of their success in the entertainment
industry – they attribute their work ethic to Heather and Steven Fanning!

Heather Joy Arrington Marriage, Weight, and Height

Spousal Status: Heather is married to Steven Fanning, a well-known former baseball player.
They have been married for a while, and together they had Elle and Dakota Fanning.
They prefer to keep their relationship private and seem happy together.

Age: Heather Joy Arrington is a 51-year-old former college-level tennis player. She has spent
much of her life supporting her actress daughters, who are now big names in the entertainment industry.
Weight: At 140lbs, Heather Joy Arrington is considered to be of average weight for her
height and age.
Height: With a height of 5 feet 7 inches, Heather Joy Arrington is slightly taller than the average
woman in the US. She takes great care of her physical health by regularly exercising and eating
healthy food.
Her Social Media
Heather is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/heather.fanning.148

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What Is She Up To Now

Heather Joy Arrington is something of an enigma. She rarely gives interviews or publicly speaks
about her personal life, opting to keep a low profile and allow her work to speak for itself.

It appears that Heather spends much of her time with her family, most notably her two
daughters, and enjoys traveling the world with them. One thing is sure, Heather Joy Arrington won’t be giving us any details about her personal life anytime soon.

Heather Joy Arrington is definitely the type of mom that every talented young artist should be
blessed with. Her daughters, Elle and Dakota Fanning have achieved tremendous success in
the entertainment industry thanks to her passionate guidance.

She is a great source of support for them and has also gained fame as a loving mother in
Hollywood circles. All in all, Heather Joy Arrington deserves to be admired for her strong
commitment to her girls since they were just child artists!

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