All About Ginny Cha Before and After the Tiki Barber Scandal

Ginny Cha is a fashion publicist that was married for 11 years to NFL player and now analyst and host Tiki Barber. She had 4 children with Tiki Barber. Famously Tiki Barber cheated on Ginny while she was pregnant with their twin daughters with an intern over 10 years his junior.

Tiki Barber played 10 years for the New York Giants in the NFL. He is well known for being one of identical twins that both played in the NFL. His real name is Atiim Kiambu ‘Tiki’ Barber. After finishing with the NFL he became a host and announcer in radio and TV.

Tiki Barber incredibly started seeing Traci Lynn Johnson while Traci was a college student in 2008 and he was married to Ginny Cha and Ginny was pregnant with twins. Allegedly he sent her roses and gifts at college. He married Traci 8 days after the divorce from Ginny became final. They are still married (over 10 years) and they have had 2 children.

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Tiki’s second wife Traci Lynn Johnson was a “friend of” Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 12. She was a friend of Melissa Gorga on the show and tried to mediate fights between Melissa and Theresa Giudice. She only lasted one season after saying she regretting being on the show.

All about Tiki Barber’s First Wife Ginny Cha

Ginny Cha was born in 1975 in the United States of America. Her parents are Won Cha and Nga Cha. Her father was born and raised in North Korea and fled to South Korea and made his way to Vietnam. He worked with Americans during the Vietnam War and immigrated with his wife and Ginny’s older sister Myong Cha to the United States a few days before the fall of Saigon.

Ginny is American with Asian ethnicity.

Virginia Joy Cha was born April 7, 1975. Her older sister Myong Cha was born in Vietnam but Ginny was born in the United States. She grew up in Virginia and went to the University of Virginia for college. She met Tiki in a Computer Science class.

After graduating she moved to New York City to work at Zegna, a luxury Italian Mens Fashion house. She stopped working when she had her oldest son.

How did Ginny Cha and Tiki Barber meet?

The two met while they were in college at The University of Virginia. They dated and were married in 1999. Tiki graduated a year ahead of Ginny and was drafted by the New York Giants. After Ginny Cha graduated she joined Tiki in New York City to work as a fashion publicist and get married.

Did Ginny Cha and Tiki Barber have children?

Ginny and Tiki have 4 children together. Their names are Atiim Kiambu Junior who was born on July 8, 2002, Chason born on March 18, 2004, and twin girls named Riley and Ella born on May 24, 2010. While they were married they also lived with Ginny’s parents Won and Nga. They said it worked well with having child care for their children and in her culture it was very normal for intergenerational families to live together.

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Where is Ginny Cha now?

Ginny leads a private life and goes by Ginny Cha Hoffman now. On her Instagram is a picture of her with a man who may or may not be her husband. She and Tiki have joint custody of their 4 children.

Tiki Barber’s Football Career

Tiki played college football at the University of Virginia and was a second round draft pick in 1997 for the New York Giants. He played 10 years for the Giants and was Most Valuable Player of the team for 2000, 2002 and 2004. He also was named to the 2005 NFL Pro Bowl. His identical twin brother also played in the NFL. They wrote several children’s books together. Tiki has also worked in television as a host and acted in a few movies and tv shows. His latest work is as a radio host.

Ginny Cha and Tiki Barber Net Worth

Being a former New York Giants football player brings a higher net worth. It is estimated that Tiki is worth is $16 million. This is with his football career and broadcasting career. It is unknown what financial settlement was made between Tiki and Ginny after their divorce papers were signed.

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