Chris Rodstrom (Pat Riley’s Wife)- Everything You Want to Know

Christ Rostrom is famous for being the loving wife of Pat Riley the famous NBA player, NBA executive and coach. They are known for their strong marriage and relationship.

Chris Rodstrom was born in Maryland in 1951 as Christine Rodstrom. She grew up in a happy, healthy home. Her parents were Frank and Dorothy Rodstrom. Her father was in the Navy and her mother was a nurse.

Chris met Pat Riley in college in 1967 while they were both in San Diego. He played basketball for the University of Kentucky and then was drafted into the NBA to play for the San Diego Rockets. Chris was a student at University of San Diego when they met. Pat Riley is 6 years older than Chris.

Chris majored in psychology and initially was a marriage counselor and therapist. She left that career to work with Pat as his manager/assistant when his career started taking off.

Is Pat Riley Married?

They have been married for over 50 years and have a strong relationship. They are pictured together often and look happy.

Chris Rodstrom is involved with many charities.

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley

Do Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley have children?

Chris and Pat have 2 children via adoption. They adopted Patrick in 1985 and Elizabeth in 1989. They live a private life and nothing is known about where they work. Pat mentioned that Elizabeth had been married but nothing is known about her spouse or where they live.

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Both Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley come from large families. Chris was one of several kids and Pat was one of six kids. Both of their parents had long marriages.

Neither Chris or Pat have social media.

Chris has been portrayed by the actress Gillian Jacobs in the television series “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Destiny”. A drama about the LA Lakers when they were the strongest team and won the Championship.

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