Unique Nicknames for Laura That You Will Love

We’ve compiled a list of creative, unique and cute nicknames for Laura.

Laura has a lot of nicknames. Here we listed some of the best, as well as a fun list of famous people named Laura. It will help you decide which nickname is best for your little one.

How Popular is the Name Laura?

Laura is recognized as a classic girl’s name, having appeared in the top 1000 of the United States’ most popular names every year since 1880 and spending most of those years in the top 100.

Despite its Latin roots, Laura has become a popular baby name in English-speaking countries around the world and especially famous in the United States.

Origin and Meaning of the name Laura

The girl nickname Laura, derived from the Latin word Laurus, which means (the laurel, an evergreen plant or tree whose leaves were used by the ancient Greeks to crown victors in major wars).

In the ancient Greco-Roman era, the plant “Bay Laurel” represented fame, honor, and success.

When Laura was first used in England in the 19th century, it was originally a Latin name, but it has since become popular in the English-speaking world.

Laura is a female version of Laurus. It comes from the Latin word Laurus, which means “bay — or laurel — plant.” This is the origin of the name. Many cultures, such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, and German, have Laura as first or middle names.

Laura is a perennial favorite that is neither trendy nor dated. She is feminine without being fussy. If you’re looking for a classic L-girl name, Laura is your best bet.

Baby girl sticking her tongue out with flower hat

Creative Nicknames for Laura

  1. Laurel
  2. Lauren
  3. Laurie
  4. Lori
  5. Lolly
  6. La-La
  7. Rah-Rah
  8. Lulu
  9. Lars
  10. Luri

Popular Laura Nicknames

Adding a suffix or shortening Laura’s name can yield some of the most famous nicknames. Following are some common ones:

  1. Lau
  2. Laurie
  3. Lulu
  4. Ray
  5. Lars
  6. Lala
  7. Lari/Larry

Best Laura’s Nicknames

  1. Laura-loo
  2. Laura-Lynn
  3. Larika: Hungarian
  4. Laurita: a female Spanish character.
  5. Laurika: A Slovak name.
  6. Lauri: A Slovak name.

Cute Laura Nickname

Laura has a lot of cute nicknames. Laura’s cute pet names can be created by combining her name with affectionate or sweet-sounding terms. Stephanie’s cute nicknames are listed below:

  1. Lollie
  2. Lau Lau
  3. Lozzie
  4. Laura-Bella
  5. Laurel
  6. Laur-Laur
  7. Lauro
  8. Laury bear
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Nicknames for Laura that come from T.V or books

Novelty characters on television and in books can serve as inspiration for creative nicknames for Laura. Listed below are a few fictional characters who share the given name, Laura:

  1. Laura Matsuda: Street Fighter V’s Laura Matsuda (also known as Rara) is a fictional character.
  2. Laura Bristow: Alias’ Sydney Bristow’s mother, Laura Bristow (also known as Alias’ Sydney Bristow’s mother, Laura Bristow (also known as Irina).
  3. Laura Diamond: Fictional character in The Mysteries of Laura: Detective Laura (also known as The Detective/Detective Laura).
  4. Laura Haruna: In the Hamtaro anime, Laura Haruna is also known as Hiroko.
  5. Laura Horton: NBC’s Days of our Lives features Laura Horton, a fictional character named Laura Spencer Monica.
  6. Laura Kinney: Wolverine, formerly known as Laura Kinney, is a fictional character from the Marvel Comics universe.
  7. Laura Spencer: An American soap opera character from General Hospital, Laura Spencer (also known as Nora)

Famous People Named Laura

  1. Laura Ingalls Wilder: America’s best-selling author of books for young readers.
  2. Laura Lane Welch Bush: Wife of President George W. Bush, is the current First Lady of the United States.
  3. Laura Prepon: An American actress.
  4. Laura Elizabeth Dern: American actress.
  5. Laura Kaeppeler: This year’s Miss America is Laura Kaeppeler.
  6. Laura Leggett Linney: A-list American actress.
  7. Laura Beatrice Marling: Singer-songwriter praises from the UK.
  8. Laura Elizabeth Carmichael: Anglo-Irish actress.
  9. Laura Marano: American actress.
  10. Laura Allen: actress hails from the great state of Texas.
  11. Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick: African-American model.
  12. Laura Ilene Benanti: The American actress (also known as Laura Ilene Benanti)
  13. Laura Fraser: Scottish actress.
  14. Laura Leigh Moser: actress (born Laura Leigh Moser)
  15. Laura Ann Osnes is a famous American actress and musician.
  16. Laura Mennell is a Canadian actress.
  17. Laura Anne Ingraham: American radio host, author, and political commentator.
  18. Laura Ewa CZ, Actress, a native of Poland
  19. Laura Samojowicz: Poland’s actress.
  20. Laura Colleen Gloria Alleway:  Australian soccer players.
  21. Laura Bassett: She is an English football player.
  22. Laura Stéphanie Georges is a French national team soccer player.
  23. Laura Anna Benkarth: The German footballer.
  24. Laura del Rio Garcia: Spanish footballer.
  25. Laura Willingham Bailey: Critical Role player and voice actress.
  26. Laura Zeng: American gymnast competes in rhythmic gymnastics.
  27. Laura Halford: She’s a British rhythmic gymnast.
  28. Laura Pergolizzi, better known as LP, is an American singer and songwriter.
  29. This is Laura Sales, a rhythmic gymnast from Portugal.
  30. Laura Pausini, an Italian singer, is the subject of this profile.

Nicknames from variants of the name Laura

Nicknames are frequently made up of variations of the original name. Here are a few variations on the name Laura to consider:

  1. Laoura is a Greek name of Laura, which means “Laura’s sister.”
  2. Laure is the French form of the name Laura.
  3. Lowri is a Welsh name for Laura, and it means “little flower.”
  4. Lara is a Turkish counterpart named Laura.

Is Laura a Biblical name?

The name Laura is not in the Bible.

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