70+ Nicknames for Michelle You Will Love

If you can’t think of cute nicknames for Michelle, you are sure to find some perfect options here! 

There are tons of great nicknames for Michelle, from short and creative to cute and silly! 

Today, with the rise in popularity of short names for boys and girls, many female and male nicknames are used as first names. 

Despite being a more modern name, Michelle has lost much of its popularity over the past decade. However, nicknames like Ella, Shelly, Micha, etc., will surely turn its popularity around! 

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What is the origin and meaning of the name Michelle?

Michelle comes from Hebrew and is a feminine form of the name Michael. Means “Who is like God?” 

This name became very popular after the Beatles song “Michelle,” a love ballad by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. 

 Although this name is considered more modern than traditional, its popularity has declined in recent years. 

This cute girl’s name was well below the 300th place on the 2020 list of the most popular female names in the United States. 

Popular nicknames for Michelle 

Michelle was a common female name in the early 2000s and was in the top 100 best girl names until 2008. 

On the other hand, certain nicknames for Michelle are used as a first name to save this beautiful name of oblivion. 

Here are some of the most popular nicknames that can even be used as a first name: 

1. Mish

2. Mishy

3. Elle

4. Mimi

5. Chele

6. Maia

7. Miche

8. Ella

9. Michi

10. Shelly

11. Shell

12. Michs

13. Chell

14. Micki

15. Mickie

16. Melly

17. Ellie

18. Chelle

19. Mich

20. Mitchie

21. Mia

22. Michaela

23. Shelley

Creative Nicknames for Michelle 

This name is one of the best for nicknames! You can create so many cute nicknames for your little girl with Michelle. 

Close relatives or friends often give nicknames as a token of affection. Other people often use nicknames as a shorthand for the full name when feeling close to the person. 

Below are the most creative nicknames for Michelle:

  1. Mitchell

2. Shay

3. Mishe

4. Me’Shelle

5. Mickey

6. Chelles

7. Meli

8. Millie

9. Elli

10. Mica

11. Michelada

12. Mimmi

13. Chela

14. Shelby

15. Michalski

16. Mechi

17. Misay

18. Shella

19. Michu

20. Meko

21. First Lady

22. Elmi

23. Lou

24. MillyGrace

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Adorable Nicknames for Michelle 


2. Meesha

3. ChellyBoo

4. Big Meech

5. Michy Boo

6. Ma Belle

7. Mishi

8. Michigan

9. Michy Mouse

10. Shelly Pelly

11. Michelita

12. Michuleta

13. Miguelita

14. Chelly

15. Michy Bear

16. Milly

17. Chello

18. Minnie

19. Seychelles

20. Mishel

21. Midge

22. Micheline

Michelle Middle Name 

Michelle is one of the most charming, sophisticated, and cultured names for little girls. 

Therefore, this name deserves only the most beautiful middle names that emphasize the beauty of this name. 

These girls’ middle name ideas fit Michelle like strawberries and cream!


• Olivia

• Elizabeth

• Paige

• Rae

• Sawyer

• Eve

• Ruth

• Rose

• Elaine

• Jane

• Maeve

• Bay

• Sienna

• Dawn

• Wren

• Elodie

• Rue

• Fay

• Serena

However, if you’re not a big fan of these middle name suggestions, consider using your maiden name or the name of someone you admire. 

Make sure you choose the best middle name that does not cause awkward situations or undesirable nicknames. 

The best way to test the middle name is to write it down on a piece of paper, pronounce it out loud, and verify the initials. Then, if the middle name still sounds good, you’re good to go! 

Famous people named Michelle 

Michelle Obama – American lawyer, writer, and former first lady of the United States Barack and Michelle Obama will become the first African-American presidential couple to remain an important part of American history. 

 • Michelle Pfeiffer – Legendary Hollywood actress who played various roles in various film genres. Most of us remember her as Cat woman, the antihero from Batman Returns. 

 • Michelle Williams – American musician. Williams is a part of the legendary girl group “Destiny’s Child” and Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland. 

 • Michelle Trachtenberg – American actress who has appeared in various television shows, movies, and commercials. She became famous after the movie “Euro Trip.” She also played supporting roles on television shows such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Gossip Girl.” 

 • Michelle Kwan – An American skater. She had many successes at the Olympics, where she won silver and bronze medals. She was also a five-time world champion in her career. She also won the American champion title nine times. 

 • Michelle Rodríguez – Texas-born actress best known for her role in the “Fast and Furious” film franchise. 

 • Michelle Keegan – An English actress best known for her roles in various English soap operas and drama series.

I hope you found some cute options for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece! 

Besides being a lovely name, it also has many lovely nicknames to show love and affection. And while this name is considered less popular today than before, it is certainly not outdated. 

There are still hundreds of parents in the US who choose to use this name for their babies and are even happier with fewer Michelle’s around them. Parents like to be unique. In addition, it has different versions in other languages, which gives it an international appeal. So if you have a baby in your house, name her Michelle, then you can give her a variety of nicknames.

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