Fun Nicknames for Redheads

Individuals with red hair, typically called redheads, are unique and rare to find. Therefore, it would be equally just and proper to choose equally distinctive and unusual yet stylish nicknames for redheads.

Nicknames are not for everyone but exclusively for those whom you consider your own and special, just like redheads. In simple words, calling someone with a nickname signifies that particular person is important and loved by you.

So, before you pick any random redhead nickname for your very own redhead, you should have adequate information about nicknames for redheads so you can choose the best one for your beloved.

Redhead girl

Some Fun Facts About Red Heads

  • Did you know that only 2% of people on this earth are blessed to have some shade of red hair? This means that your child or the person for whom you are searching a nickname is quite lucky and special already!
  • Redheads can be found in all races, even in Chinese and Africans, but it happens once in a blue moon.
  • The largest population of redheads is in northern Europe, chiefly amongst people of Celtic origin. For example, 10% of redheads are found in Ireland, while 13% are from Scotland.
  • Redheads have less hair on their heads compared to other colors, but each hair shaft is much, much thicker.
  • It is often believed that redheads have a bad temper, which is true to some extent. When they are targeted or bullied due to their hair’s unique and unusual color, temperament issues arise.

Now that you know some of the interesting facts about redheads, it’s time to find some appealing redhead nicknames. So, let’s move on to the heart of the matter, that is, to discover a wide collection of red nicknames as well as try our best to find their origins too.

Top Famous Nicknames For Redhead Girls

  • Ginger: It is the most common nickname for redheads. The redhead nickname was first used in 1797 in a sporting magazine. From then onwards, it has been highly popular in the US compared to other countries.
  • Cherry: A softer, polite, and funny nickname for gingers to be given to any red hair girl.
  • Red riding hood: The famous fairy tale name can be a good choice for a nickname.
  • Ginger snap: It is a type of ginger cookie famous in Britain and is quite popular as a nickname for redheads.
  • Scarlet: It’s another pleasant-sounding nickname for any pretty redhead girl.
  • Strawberry: Light red hair color is regarded as strawberry blonde, and this is where this nickname originated from.
  • Ginga: This is another variation of the nickname ginger that recently became popular.
  • Rose: The red color of the rose makes it a beautiful nickname for gingers. It is also one of the top redhead names.
  • Match stick: Referring to bad temper, this nickname sounds offensive.
  • Poppy: Many poppies are red in color, due to which redheads are called poppies.
  • Autumn: Signifies the features of autumn and is a lovely nickname option for a red hair girl.
  • Firecracker: Again referring towards the fiery temper of the redheads, but it also means naughty and mischievous.
  • Ruby: A reddish color gemstone happens to be an interesting redhead nickname.
  • Tomato: It’s not a very cute nickname but for those who can tolerate it.
  • Red: The shortest yet beautiful nickname for redheads.
  • Firefly: The shining quality of the fire, as well as the firefly, make it an excellent nickname.
  • Lil’ red: Best nickname for little redhead girls.
Redhead toddler

Top Famous Redhead Nicknames For Boys

  • Rusty: A fun nickname for those who have rusty color hair.
  • Carrot: A fairly common nickname for redheads. Although carrot is of orange color yet, it is often used to address redheads.
  • Hothead: A symbolic nickname for hot-headed redheads.
  • Redwood: This tree has red bark that is why it is typically used to nickname any red hair boy.
  • Phoenix: It is a mythical bird that burns to ashes every 500 years. After burning down, it has the ability to be reborn from the ashes. This burning and reviving the quality of the bird makes it an excellent name for a redhead.
  • Roy: This nickname originated from the word that means red.
  • Trusty rusty: This nickname rhymes perfectly and sounds fun when said.
  • Bloodnut: Referring to the color of the blood, this is an interesting nickname option.
  • Rufus: It’s a Latin word meaning red-haired.
  • Lobster: Red hairs shine in the sun and look precisely like a boiled lobster.
  • Robin: This nickname originated from the orange breast of the bird robin and proves to be an interesting nickname for redheads.
  • Garfield: A cartoon character with an orange-colored body which makes it a fun nickname for a red hair boy.
  • Highlander: It was the nickname of the well-known Scottish warrior, Rob Roy, with red hair. Roy is a Gaelic word that means red. So, we can say that he was rightly nicknamed highlander.
  • Red dog: Another simple option for redheads nicknames but a bit offensive too.
  • Bonzo: A very famous nickname for redheads, but there is no particular reason known behind this slang word.
  • Big red: An interesting and popular nickname for larger guys with red hair.
  • Blue: Quite opposite, isn’t it?  It originated from Australia during World War II; the red-haired soldiers were nicknamed blue; however, later on, this nickname was adopted by civilians and became very common.

Hopefully, now you must have gotten a wide variety of redhead nicknames to choose from.

You can either nickname your newly born redhead baby girl or boy or nickname a close friend, family member lovingly, but always keep two things in mind while selecting a nickname. Firstly, it should not sound offensive, hurting, or harsh to anyone emotionally because people with red hair are genuinely unique souls. Secondly, a nickname should reflect the nature or attribute of the person.

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