Fun and Unique Nicknames for Mom

For some families the name Mother is too formal and Mom is too common. We have come up with a great list of the best nicknames for mom that you will love.

The love between parents and their children is so strong and such a big part of our daily lives that what we call each other is extremely important. Some parents like traditional names such as Mom and Mother but some families like to be unique and come up with some special monikers. Parents are so influential that it is natural to show our affection in our names or nicknames.

Choosing a nickname for mom can be tough so be sure to keep a few things in mind.

Some children naturally choose the nickname for their mother themselves but if you want to influence your nickname please start early and pick your favorite.

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The Best Nicknames for Mom

The majority of mothers are primarily called “Mom” or Mother but there are many variations in order to come up with a unique name for your mother. If you are looking for a cute nickname to call your mother we have a great list of many options.

Most derivatives of the name Mother come from the babblings of a baby when they are learning to speak and make sounds. Babies tend to use M, B or T as their first sounds so the name Ma or Mama is one of the easiest sounds for a baby to make. This is why most of the nicknames for mothers start with the m sound.

Fun Nicknames for Mom

  • Moms
  • Momma
  • MahMah
  • Momsie
  • Ma
  • MiMi
  • MeMom
  • MomMom
  • MumMum
  • MayMay
  • Mimsey
  • Memah or Meema
  • Mooma
  • Merry
  • MerMer
  • MuNu
  • Mummers
  • Mumica
  • Moo Moo
  • Mumbassa
  • Momette
  • Ompa
  • Mumsy
  • Mommykins
  • Mommy
  • Mammy
  • Big Mama
  • Lil Mama
  • Mumsita
  • Mums

International Nicknames for Mom

  • Mat’ – Russian
  • Maan or Ammi – Pakistani
  • Mor – Scandinavian, Danish and Swedish
  • Mãe – Brazilian Portuguese
  • Tiaka – Indigenous from Maori
  • Om – Arabic
  • Mutter – German
  • Ima – Hebrew
  • Matka – Czech
  • Maan – Hindi
  • Okaasan or Haha – Japanese
  • Màna – Greek
  • Aiti – Finnish
  • Madre – Spanish
  • Majka – Bosnian
  • Mathair or Mam – Gaelic
  • Moeder or More – Dutch
  • Mère or Maman – French
Latina mother and daughter hugging. Nicknames for Mom

Whatever nickname you decide for your mother make sure she likes it. There is nothing worse than your mother being upset with you. Build your relationship with trust and love and bring a smile to her face with a loving nickname for mom.

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