Unique and Fun Nicknames for Blake

Blake is a classic name that has started to become gender neutral. While Blake used to be primarily a male name, it’s popularity is gaining as a girls name. Nicknames for Blake and various spellings of Blake are getting popular to make it more unique. Now that Blake is gaining in popularity feel free to look at this list of the best nicknames for Blake. It has everything from funny and unique nicknames to trendy ones, so there’s sure to be one that you love!

Meaning of the Name Blake 

Blake is thought to be an Old English term to mean “dark”, “night” or “black”. This could refer to dark eyes, hair or skin tone.

Popularity of the name Blake 

This name cracked the top 1,000 in popular baby boy names in 1956 and has grown every year to be in the top 500. The biggest statistical change has been as a girl name. Since the popularity of previous masculine names to be used as a feminine name the name Blake has fallen into this trend. Blake first showed up on the baby name charts as a girls name in 1951 but it is now it is in the top 500 most popular names. Today the name Blake is just as popular as a girls name as a boys name.

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Classic Nicknames for Blake 

Some names are easy to come up with nicknames. Blake can luckily have both male and female variations. Even though it is a short and simple name we can come up with a few classic nicknames for Blake.

  1. Blakey
  2. Luck
  3. Lakie
  4. Blakely
  5. Kiki
  6. Bee
  7. B then first initial of middle name (BT, or BD)
  8. Blakesie
  9. Binky
  10. Blake-a
  11. Block
  12. Block-aye
  13. Billie
  14. Blakester
  15. Blakesalot
  16. Blakiano
  17. Blake-meister

Unique Nicknames for Blake

Here are some lesser known nicknames for Blake you should know about:

  1. Blakester
  2. Blake the Duke
  3. Blake the Great
  4. Super Blake
  5. The Incredible Blake
  6. Blakeski
  7. Blake Skywalker (duh)
  8. Blake-splosion
  9. BadluckBlake
  10. Lord Blake

These are some fun twists to the name Blake. Even though it is a short name there are plenty of options to make a fun name to make people smile.

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Great Middle Names for Blake

Middle names are fun to decide on. I always used family names but, I also like names that are meaningful such as somewhere you have traveled to (ex. Montana, Denver, Austin) or just a name of a close friend you would like to honor. If you are using Blake for a girl some might want to use a very feminine middle name. Here are some great name combinations:

  1. Blake Thomas 
  2. Blake Hudson
  3. Blake Wilder
  4. Blake Harrison
  5. Blake Walker
  6. Blake Archer
  7. Blake Emma
  8. Blake Hazel
  9. Blake Hannah
  10. Blake Bailey
  11. Blake Grace
  12. Blake Morgan
  13. Blake Elizabeth
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Famous People Named Luke 

Blake has become a popular name partly because of the famous people with the same name. From musicians and actors there is a big list but here are the most well known:

Blake Shelton is a grammy nominated singer and song writer. He has been a judge on The Voice for many years. He also is married to famous singer Gwen Stefani.

Blake Lively is an award winning actress and a big reason for a large increase in the popularity of Blake as a name for girls. She is known for her beautiful long blonde hair and hilarious social media posts. She is married to Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Griffin played for the NBA with the Brooklyn Nets. He also played basketball for Oklahoma Sooners.

When celebrities get famous with unique names they become more popular as baby names during those years. We will be sure to see a lot more people names Blake both men and women in the future.

Final Thoughts 

When choosing a nickname for Blake look at your child or friends personality and it will be a natural fit. A young child can use Blakey and an older friend may have Blake-the-Great be the perfect fit but just be sure it is all in good fun and brings a smile. Nicknames are very fun and can show love and friendship to your friends and relatives.

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