Best List of Clay Shooting Team Names

Are you looking for a suitable nickname or name for your group when clay shooting?

Clay shooting is a form of clay pigeon shooting, also known as trap shooting. It involves firing at a breakable target containing various types and arrangements of shot. This sport is becoming more popular and more team events are happening near you.

Traditionally, clay shooting has been an event where men and boys (especially of the rural farming communities) come together to enjoy a day of fun with guns. Women have begun to see that they are welcome at organized shoots in recent decades.

Man shooting clay pigeons being instructed

Funny Clay Shooting Team Names

These clay shooting team names are unique and fun.

  1. Clay Slayers
  2. Skeet Skeet
  3. Smoked ’em
  4. Shells and Tails
  5. Lay the Clay
  6. Global Warming Producers Clay Shoot
  7. Powdered Clay
  8. ClayBusters
  9. Five Guys
  10. Fracking Clays
  11. Slingin’ Lead
  12. Pull My Finger
  13. 5 quick shooters
  14. Long Shot
  15. Skeeter Swat
  16. Clay Crushers
  17. Team Flight Canceled
  18. 5 guys with guns
  19. Clay to Dust; Skeet Retreat
  20. The Deadshots
  21. Out of Ammo
  22. Good Splits

If you want to start shooting clays you should know that the highest honour that can be achieved by any clay shooter is membership into the prestigious “400 Club” for having shot 400 straight targets out of 400 attempts. This has only been achieved 20 times since records began in 1904 .

We would love for you to share your ideas for more team names in the comments.

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